Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I love meeting new people and hope we can share exciting adventures together. My name is Persephone. I am a mature, kind and caring woman.. I'm intelligent and educated. I make a great companion to events or for personal time and I'm anything other than boring. 

I'm often asked, why the name Persephone? Well, for those who know their mythology.. yes.. it is that reason.. It's a personal thing.. me, my life.. my love, my passion and everything else. For those who do not.. I would suggest googling "Persephone Goddess Mythology" for starters. 

About me:

I have a great sense of humor, I am educated about many subjects, religions, beliefs, history, geography, political conversations, even dabbled a bit in French language when I was younger.. I Love Love Love intelligent conversation.. It is just SO Sexy..

But.. Shhh..

Please remember..I don't like discussions of our time together before it happens..So please, show the respect you command.. I like things to flow magically once you have joined Persephone's world  or  she has joined yours ;)  

Kisses n Hugs, 


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